LignoSilva INFRA | Innovative forestry research centre with 3D CT scanner technology

LignoSilva INFRA | Innovative forestry research centre with 3D CT scanner technology LignoSilva INFRA

LignoSilva is Centre of Excellence of the National Forest Centre in cooperation with the Pulp and Paper Institute with a focus on research and innovation in the field of production, mechanical and chemical processing and use wood utilization, strongly committed to demonstrate innovative digitalization technologies.

Based on scientific excellence, outstanding infrastructure, research synergy and cooperation with decision makers and business establishment of the Centre of Excellence of European significance in the field of forestry, wood processing, pulp and paper in cooperation with leading research organisations in the EU. Through implementation of unique infrastructure (3D CT scanner) CoE LignoSilva focus on the innovation development with companies in the field of wood production, processing and utilisation and to contribute to their development and innovation activities related to multi-purpose management of forests; enhanced biomass production; secured wood supply, forest operations and logistics; cascade use, reuse and recycling systems of wood and energy from wood.The fundamental innovative impulse for higher utilization of wood raw material is the implementation of:
• technologies of ground mobile laser scanning for qualitative inventory - assortment of stands.
• 3D CT scanner for the detection of quality and errors of wood and the subsequent use of the obtained data in the field of optimization of sorting and sawmill wood processing.
In the field of pulp and paper processing, CoE's research and innovation activities focus on replacing plastics with biodegradable and compostable packaging based on paper, cardboard and paperboard with special surface treatments.

Forest-based bio/circular economy
Challenge addressed
2.- Improve infrastructures and capacity of public actors
Type of solution
Networks, testbeds, R&D platforms
Digital solution
Country of origin
Scale of application
Start and end year
2014 -
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Owner or author
National Forest Centre – Forest Research Institute
Tomáš Bucha
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LignoSilva Centre of Excellence, Horizon 2020 no. 664557
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Rosewood 4.0