iWald | Forest growth simulation app

iWald | Forest growth simulation app

Comparison of silvicultural treatment concepts by simulating forest growth processes on the smartphone.

In the iWald project, a system is being developed enabling forest owners to obtain realistic and technically sound options for the sustainable management of their forests. The individual objectives of the forest owner (private, communal, state) are taken into account as well as the forestry risk minimization and the sustainable conversion of forests while safeguarding the economic, ecological and social forest functions. One of the main results of iWald will be the "iWald App", which can be used to simulate forest growth processes on a smartphone. This will be provided with different entry barriers, so that both the forest layman and the trained forester will find their access to iWald. The goals include activating forest owners, who can thus approach their forest on a playful level, or improving public acceptance of forestry interventions through the possibility of simple visualization of future consequences.

Mobilization Potential
High, activation of forest owners to initiate forestry interventions is encouraged by the game character of the app.
Sustainability Potential
Sustainable forest management is encouraged based on individual objectives of the forest owners.
Impact on environment & biodiversity

Economic, ecological and social forest functions are integrated into the apps decision support system.

Ease of implementation
The solution is not yet available on the market.
Forest management, ecosystem, resilience
tree growth simulation apps private forest owners service providers
Challenge addressed
1.- Improve forest resilience and adaption to climate change
Type of solution
Modelling, simulation, optimization
Digital solution
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Owner or author
RWTH Aachen, Institute for Man-Machine Interaction
Dr.Ing. Martin Hoppen
Dr. Marie-Charlotte Hoffmann
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iWald, funded by FNR under no. 22012818
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