ForBioSensing | Comprehensive monitoring of stand dynamics in Białowieża Forest supported with remote sensing techniques

ForBioSensing | Comprehensive monitoring of stand dynamics in Białowieża Forest supported with remote sensing techniques

Kompleksowy monitoring dynamiki drzewostanów Puszczy Białowieskiej
Comprehensive monitoring method of a large forest area with the use of innovative techniques and data.

Project activities were focused on a comprehensive representation of changes in forest stands and their dynamics (using different time series of remote sensing data) and the transition from spot monitoring (field measurements on sample plots) to large-scale monitoring. This will improve the efficiency of forest ecosystem protection and management measures. Project results have been presented in the form of publications and maps showing specific changes over the years. In addition, radio and television broadcasts, meetings, brochures and promotional films were used to inform the general public.

The main objectives of the project were:

  • Monitoring of stand dynamics in Białowieża Forest (including analysis of tree species composition, monitoring of changes in the forest stand caused, among others, by tree death)
  • Analysis of natural forest regeneration and rejuvenation, including the role of gaps,
  • Establishment/determination of the combination of different remote sensing techniques and data sets that are optimal for forest monitoring,
  • Characteristics of the microclimate of the Białowieża Forest,
  • Promotion of Białowieża Forest through the use of multimedia.

The main expected results of the project:

  • Detailed analysis and maps showing in subsequent years, following information about the Białowieża Forest: Forest stand characteristics (growing stock and biomass, tree height, DBH, canopy cover and its diversity, forest diversity, tree species composition, vertical structure, biomass, etc.), location and size of dead trees, location and size of gaps, dynamics of natural forest regeneration and amount of lying dead wood.
  • Map of plant communities with identification of different tree species;
  • Development of monitoring methods for the dynamics of the Białowieża Forest using a small number of sample plots and additional remote sensing data covering the entire study area;
  • Master tree ring chronology of the selected tree species in the Białowieża Forest;
  • A unique geoportal containing created spatial data on the Białowieża Forest.
Inventory, monitoring
stand dynamics monitoring; forestry; remote sensing; biodiversity
Challenge addressed
1.- Improve forest resilience and adaption to climate change
Type of solution
Data platforms, data hubs
Digital solution
Country of origin
Scale of application
Start and end year
2014 - 2022
Contact data
Owner or author
Instytut Badawczy Leśnictwa
Krzysztof Stereńczak
Łukasiewicz Research Network - Wood Technology Institute
Dobrochna Augustyniak-Wysocka
References and Resources
Project reference
ForBioSensing project is co-funded by the European Commission under European Union financial instrument LIFE+ and by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management
Stereńczak K., Mielcarek M., Modzelewska A., Kraszawski B., Fassnacht F.E., Hilszczański J. 2019. Intra-annual Ips typographus outbreak monitoring using a multi-temporal GIS analysis based on hyperspectral and ALS data in the Białowieża Forests. Forest Ecology and Management, 442: 105–116.
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