Retort for the production of barbecue charcoal and biochar from local waste wood

Retort for the production of barbecue charcoal and biochar from local waste wood Olis coal

Charcoal and biochar from waste wood
Barbecue charcoal often reaches consumers via long transportation routes and from dubious sources. Locally produced charcoal from scrap sawmill or landscape wood would be much more ecological. A small retort with a capacity of 1m3 of wood and complete exclusion of oxygen can be used to convert local wood into high-quality charcoal. For this purpose, wood cuttings from a local sawmill or poor quality hardwood are manually fed into the retort and converted into coal of the highest quality over 4 - 8 hours. This can generate additional income on a forestry operation or a part-time farm and also reduce the burden on the environment. The waste heat can be used via a heat exchanger to heat living space or for drying processes, e.g. in the timber industry.
Charcoal retort

In 2018, Oliver Reinhard, a young forest science student, discovered that most barbecue charcoal bought in Switzerland comes from faraway countries such as Poland or Namibia.
The sources are often obscure and the quality inferior, meaning that a lot of smoke and harmful exhaust gases are produced during combustion.
Oliver has solved the problem by producing his own charcoal from waste from a neighboring sawmill and using a retort with complete exclusion of oxygen. This locally produced barbecue charcoal sells well to sustainability-conscious customers and barbecue professionals.

Regiunea de origine
Tipul de lemn
Lemn reciclat sau reziduu din lemn
Sursa de lemn
Potențialul de mobilizare
> 20'000 m³ for Switzerland
Tipul de lemn în cauză
Residual and waste wood
Potențial de sustenabilitate
Nutzen regionaler Ressourcen und verbessertes Waldmanagement
Impactul asupra mediului și biodiversității

Reduces overexploitation in forests abroad.
Reduces transportation.
Avoids harmful exhaust gases.

Facilitatea de implementare
Retort must be purchased. Coal production is simple.
Impact economic
Added value for the local wood value chain
Efect asupra locurilor de muncă
Generates local employment
Efect asupra veniturilor
higher margin
Cunoștințe specifice necesare
Costuri pentru implementare (Euro - €)
30000.00 €
Domeniu 1 (principal)
Produse, piețe, comerț
Industrii forestiere, economie bio / circulară
Cuvinte cheie
Charcoal upcycling retort
Provocare abordată
6. Creșterea bioeconomiei forestiere prin utilizarea circulară și produse cu valoare adăugată
Soluție digitală
Țara de origine
Regiunea de origine
Scara de aplicare
Regional/ sub-național
Anul de început și de sfârșit
2023 - 2025
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Barbecue charcoal and biochar
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