Women in Forestry Association

Women in Forestry Association

Kvinner i skogbruket
Independent organisation which aims to motivate and encourage women at all ages to participate and engage at all levels in forestry.
Kvinner i Skogbruket - Women in forestry

Women in Forestry (WiF) was established in 1986 by women studying and working in forestry. The purpose was to increase awareness among women to claim their right to inherit the family forest, and to work for women to be an active and skilled part of the forestry, as well as to build a strong and supportive network between women. Today, the members of WiF are students, forestry workers, forest owners - including former and future owners - supporters and various organisations within forestry or women's rights, and the organisation works with both forestry and gender equality. The activities include building both knowledge and network among the members and other women, by activities such as women crash courses in forestry, field days for immigrant women and annual Forest Conferences with various topics, as well as activities aimed at building knowledge in the society and the forestry, e.g. by participating in audit of the Norwegian PEFC Forest standard to ensure gender equality in both the working group and the revised standard, and other projects on both national and international scales. WiF reaches out to their members and other audience through the use of Facebook and Instagram, as well as their own podcast "Sound of Forestry", where the guests are mainly women, with an "everyday language" to reach also people without knowledge of forestry. The organisation is funded by membership fees, project fundings, governmental grants, sponsorship and sales of consulting services.

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