National Forestry Inventory

National Forestry Inventory NFI

Monitoring of state and development of Slovenian forests
Sample plot grid of NFI Slovenia

Within National Forest Inventory (NFI) forests of Slovenia are monitored and measured. NFI provides extensive and in depth survey of all slovenia forests, including informations about composition, condition, distribution and size of our forests. It is of great importance for monitoring changes of forests through time, for developing suitable policy measures and for further support of sustainable management of forests. The basis for the inventory is a systematic sample of plots on a 4km x 4km grid. The selection of inventory plots is based on the use of lidar and aerial images. With their help, plots that are not located in the forest are eliminated, and they are also helpful in assesment of forests at inaccessible plots. A special data acquisition application was developed for the purpose of field inventory. This guides the enumerator through the inventory process, and at the same time the data is already digitized and ready for further processing. The application is also connected to a GPE device, which allows the precise determination of the sampling point.

Forest management, ecosystem, resilience
Forest disturbances, risks
Challenge addressed
7.- Raise public awareness, social acceptance and political support for forestry
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Digital solution
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2000 -
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Slovenian Forestry Institute
Polona Hafner
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