Mobile applications

Mobile applications

In mobile application, your forest plan is always with you - even in the middle of the forest!

Mobile applications offered by different forest companies offer the possibility to observe your forest estate and forest assets on the mobile phone. The forest data is in mobile phone for private forest owners and it´s easy to log in with the bank's online banking ID.

The change of the business environment aims at better competitiveness and cost-efficiency in forest management. Mobile applications are an excellent way to encourage forest owners to take care of their forests.

Forest owners can download mobile applications to their smartphones from the internet. The application includes information about the forest assets, maps, and other key information that may be needed in the field. The application also works without a network connection.
For example, Metsä Group’s members are able to update their growing stock information by taking photos with their mobile phones. The photos are transferred for analysis in a cloud service, and they are used to calculate the growing stock information. This way when walking around in their forest estates, forest owner can update their growing stock information and request a quote to sell wood or buy forest management services right there on the spot.


With the application you can:

  • view forest farm maps and aerial photos
  • browse pattern information
  • review the proposed measures
  • acknowledge the actions taken, in which case the tree data in the pattern will be updated
  • send a message to the forest expert
  • take action on the request for quotation that you send from Metsä
  • update pattern tree information with Trestima (Android only)
  • navigate from one pattern to another, for example, to see urgent work
  • add a note or photo to a specific location
Type of wood
Origin of wood
Mobilization Potential
Not possible to assess
Kind of wood concerned
Sustainability Potential
Positive/ depends on management decisions
Impact on environment & biodiversity

Positive/depends on management decisions

Ease of implementation
Economic impact
Job effect
Positive/helps to plan forest management
Income effect
Specific knowledge needed
IT-tool and silvicultural knowledge needed
Key prerequisites

Digitalization is essential for wood mobilization

Forest management, ecosystem, resilience
Challenge addressed
3.- Activate private owners and cooperative forest management
Type of solution
Advice and services for forest owners
Digital solution
Country of origin
Scale of application
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