KUUTIO Online timber marketplace

KUUTIO Online timber marketplace

KUUTIO® is an open and independent timber marketplace for forest owners, timber buyers, intermediaries such as forest management associations and other forest service providers.

Third party digital service Kuutio brings together forest owners, wood buyers and other service providers in a digital environment. Kuutio.fi enables asking bids from wood procurement companies, when a private forest owner wants to sell wood. The service is developed by Suomen Puukauppa Oy, which was founded by all the major actors in the forest sector. Involved are Stora Enso, UPM and Metsä Group among almost all of the smaller saw mills. Kuutio is fully functional in any role of forestry professionals either through a browser interface or the company’s own forest system as long as it has been set up with a Kuutio connection.

Actual sales are made outside the service, Kuutio only acts as a go-between wood buyers and sellers. In most cases it is still required to do some field work and validate the information provided by system by visiting the stand marked for harvesting. All parties of wood trade benefit from Kuutio because sellers and buyers are able find each other more easily than before. The service utilizes public forest details from the Metsäkeskus database Metsään .fi and improves the functionality of wood trade. Kuutio paves the way to wood trade especially for those who are not the most at ease when it comes to taking care of their forestry property. Kuutio is targeted to all Finnish forest owners and they can use the service for free.

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Not possible to assess
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Ease of implementation
Economic impact
Better communication between forest owners and companies
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Specific knowledge needed
Knowledge in silviculture and handling with IT-tools
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Online timber marketplace

Forest management, ecosystem, resilience
Products, markets, trade
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3.- Activate private owners and cooperative forest management
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Digital solution
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Suomen Puukauppa Oy
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