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e-drewno.pl - Forest stock market e-drewno.pl

A sales platform, enabling customers to take part in a wood sale auction in a forest district online. 

e-drewno system was created to enable customers to take part in a wood sale auction in a forest district without necessity of physical attendance. Currently, about 20% of all wood sold to enterprises by State Forests in Poland is offered on auctions on e-drewno.pl. After registration in the system and providing forest district nname the customer gets individual access, enabling participation in the auction. For practical reasons it is recommended to indicate the forest district which is located closest to the place of residence / running business activity. All the information exchanged online between the customer's computer and the server operating the auction is coded. When placing the offer it is registered and given position in the ranking, which depends on the proposed price. If the prices given are the same, the position is determined by an order of placing the offers registered by www.e-drewno.pl portal.  During the auction each customer can place unlimited number of offers and modify earlier offers. Winning offers can be only modified to the following extent: wood weight, minimum wood weight, price (up only). In order to protect business data, participants in the auction cannot see the names of other companies taking part in the auction. The system is easy to use and administrate, includes a price calculator and offers access to reports.

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wood sales; online auction system
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5.- Enhance economic and environmental performance of forest supply chains
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Marketing platforms
Digital solution
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State Forests National Forest Holding
State Forests National Forest Holding
Łukasiewicz Research Network - Wood Technology Institute (ITD)
Dobrochna Augustyniak-Wysocka
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