New Roadmaps (R4)

The ROSEWOOD4.0 Hubs elaborated 5 regional roadmaps and one cross-regional roadmap for the targeted transfer of best practices and innovations in wood mobilisation. The roadmaps are a key result of the Hub-mediated dialogue between experts, practitioners and stakeholders of the forestry and wood sector from the network’s five regions.

Based on an overall assessment of regional wood mobilisation, scrutinising weaknesses, strengths as well as opportunities, the roadmaps suggest for each region specifically, exemplary projects, initiatives and solutions from across Europe that could help make more of the available wood resources. Hence, in light of global competition and the universal threat of climate change, European regions have to bundle synergies for valorising regional wood resources in the best and most sustainable possible way.

The ROSEWOOD4.0 roadmaps are now accessible and open to the general public.