The ROSEWOOD Map Viewer shows over 100 Best Practices and 30 Innovation cases in sustainable wood mobilisation collected by project partners. Among the cases featured are exemplary products, business concepts and ideas from the entire wood value chain, from novel services to digitalise forest management to the innovative re-utilization of used wood for new window frames. The ROSEWOOD Map Viewer makes available examples of excellence in wood mobilisation coming from 10 European countries for everyone interested.

The purpose of this Map Viewer is to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and dissemination, serving the forestry and wood community. Forestry experts, practitioners, regional developers and forest owners shall benefit of the broad range of know-how and ideas accumulated in the Best Practice and Innovation repository of this Map Viewer. The tool is one result of the ROSEWOOD Network's mission to advance sustainable wood mobilisation in Europe by making available existing expertise, bridging in this way knowledge gaps and facilitating technology transfer among European regions. For many challenges encountered by forestry and wood industry stakeholders are common throughout Europe.

The Best Practices and Innovations included in the Map Viewer were identified by the

during a careful selection and review process, involving more than 74 experts from forestry and the wood industry. The entire process and notably the criteria, which formed the basis for selection, are described in detail in the interregional Roadmaps for Sustainable Wood Mobilisation. The roadmaps outline for each region of the ROSEWOOD Hubs – South, East, Central and North Europe – strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in sustainable wood mobilisation, while highlighting on this ground Best Practices for transfer to adverse negative trends or sustain and boost key assets.