PASSFOR (Plan for Socioeconomic Activation of the Forest Sector)

PASSFOR (Plan for Socioeconomic Activation of the Forest Sector)


The objectives of the plan are:
- Increase the number of employments related to forest activity.
- Improve the incomes of the working people in the forest sector.
- Improve life conditions of rural area residents linked to forest activity.
- Increase the number of ordered and managed forest holdings.
- Increase the size of the forest property and attain economically efficient surfaces for a sustainable forest management.
- Contribute to a rise in the added value of forest products.
- Increase the demand for forest products.

In progress

From the study of the collected information and as a consequence of a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis, 85 specific measures or actions have been defined (identifying at the end of each one of them the organisations implied in the execution of the same).
Because of their relevance, regarding the consecution of the objectives of the Plan, those measures that contribute to these four fundamental axes have to be prioritised:
- Compromise a minimum of the FEADER schedule to forest measures and define them in a useful way for the achievement of the objectives of the Plan for Socioeconomic Activation of the Forest Sector.
- Support the energetic valuation of biomass.
- Support associativism and producer organisations for the mobilisation of forest products.
- Support transformation, differentiation and diversification of use of forest resources.

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