Mistra Digital Forest | Cutting-edge research on digitalisation in forestry

Mistra Digital Forest | Cutting-edge research on digitalisation in forestry

Mistra Digital Forest is a research program focusing on digitalisation in forestry. We take advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation for forestry, and through this we contribute to the transformation of our society into a circular bioeconomy. The vision of the programme is to create digital solutions for a sustainable and efficient forest bioeconomy.

Mistra Digital Forest is a research program working with the great societal challenges of our time. The demands of climate change and nature’s finite resources mean we have to switch to a circular bioeconomy, and the forest has a central role in this. Forest raw materials can phase out fossil-based materials and products, and replace them with renewable, bio-based alternatives. Digitalisation creates opportunities for forestry to be a sustainable and competitive part of that transformation. This is precisely what Mistra Digital Forest is contributing to.

Mistra Digital Forest makes enormous amounts of data available, increasing our knowledge of the forest and enabling us to make sustainable, resource-efficient decisions when we use this data. In concrete terms, this means that the programme’s researchers develop digital tools and innovations, automating and adding greater precision in forest planning and forest use. This results in increased competitiveness and sustainability in the forestry sector. In order to accelerate digital transformation, the program is working to increase digital knowledge within the industry. Methods for sustainability assessment are also being developed, and provide a fact-based starting point, when various stakeholders are discussing the role of the forest in the transition to a more sustainable society.

The research is divided into four work packages: 1) Program-wide activities, 2) Forest Facts, 3) Efficient Forestry, 4) The Value of the Forest and Forest Products.

Program stakeholders: Mistra Digital Forest is funded by Mistra and participating parties. The program is led by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation and program partners are BillerudKorsnäs, Holmen, SCA, Stora Enso, Sveaskog, Södra, SLU, IVL, Skogforsk, Umeå University and KTH.

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Recoltare, infrastructură, logistică
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Industry 4.0
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5. Îmbunătățirea performanțelor economice și de mediu ale lanțurilor de aprovizionare cu păduri
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Rețele, bănci de testare, platforme de cercetare și dezvoltare
Soluție digitală
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2019 -
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Mistra Digital Forest
Sverker Danielsson
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Uwe Kies
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