PROMINIFUN | Pro small-holder forests operational group

PROMINIFUN | Pro small-holder forests operational group

The general objective of the Prominifun operational group is the recovery, enhancement and revitalization of smallholding areas in rural forestry through the development of innovative solutions in land management to solve the problems resulting from land abandonment. This project arises from the need to solve the problem of land abandonment in small forest areas that cannot be cultivated under remunerative conditions.

Prominifun aims to develop a project to solve the problem of the valorization of small forest plots, as well as the abandonment of the territory in general and its consequences, such as the recurrence of forest fires and the loss of biodiversity. The solutions will be based on 3 pillars: efficiency, innovation and research, through the analysis of the structure of the property and its productive potential, and the management of abandoned areas and unknown property.

Therefore, the more specific objectives of the Operational Group are as follows:

  • Promote a resource-efficient, economically viable, productive and competitive agriculture and forestry sector; low in emissions; climate-friendly and resilient to climate change; that works towards environmentally friendly production systems and in harmony with the essential natural resources on which agriculture and forestry depend.
  • Create added value through a closer relationship between research and agricultural and forestry practices, encouraging greater use of available knowledge.
  • Promote faster, more rapid and more widespread practical application of innovative solutions.
Sustentabilidade potencial
The aim of this project is to reactivate sustainable land management in small forest lands that are underutilized or even abandoned, contributing to the prevention of forest fires and to the conservation and quality of life improvemnt of local communities
Impacte no ambiente e biodiversidade

The management of abandoned lands and small plots will make it possible to reestablish conditions favorable to the preservation of the forest and rural environment, as well as biodiversity on these lands, protecting them against disasters such as fires or the spread of pests.

Impacte economico
Very positive, as the project seeks to enhance the value and dynamization of smallholding areas in the agroforestry sector in order to make their production profitable and create an attractive scenario to encourage private investment
Impacte no emprego
Positive, since by obtaining profitable and sustainable agroforestry operations, it contributes to the fixation of population in rural areas, creating direct and indirect local employment, and to the renewal and generational replacement
Impacte nas receitas
Positive, since the adoption of modernization and innovation measures in agroforestry farms contributes to increasing their economic profitability.
Potencial de exploração

High, as the problem of land abandonment is one that is found in many territories, and effective solutions are being sought to address it.

Dominio principal
Regime de propriedade, cooperação
Gestão florestal, silvicultura, serviços do ecosistema, resiliencia
Educação e formação
operational group competitiveness rural areas smallholding
Desafiar adressed
3. Motivar os proprietários privados e a gestão florestal cooperativa
Tipo de solução
Gestão conjunta
Solução digital
País de origem
Escala de aplicação
Ano de início e fim
2019 - 2021
Dados de contacto
Proprietário ou autor
Fundación CESEFOR
Angela García de Arana
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Grupo Operativo PROMINIFUN (Exp. 20190020007487)
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