Financial resources

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Code Title Scope
FIN_CRO_06 19.3.1. Preparation of the project cooperation activities National
FIN_CRO_07 19.3.2. Implementation of the project cooperation activities National
FIN_CRO_08 19.4.1. Current costs and animation National
FIN_CRO_05 4.3.3. "Investments in Forest Infrastructure" from the Rural Development Program of the Republic of Croatia for the period 2014-2020. National
FIN_FR_20 Acquisition and/or exchange of forest plots Regional
FIN_CH_01 Action plan forest and wood National
FIN_FR_10 aid for investment in infrastructure related to forest services Regional
FIN_SP_10 Aid for the evaluation of Spanish terrestrial biodiversity. 2019 National
FIN_SP_03 Aid for the maintenance of reforestation Regional
FIN_SP_26 Aid for the restoration of forest damage caused by fires (2018) Regional
FIN_SP_15 Aids ICE digital transformation SMEs and self-employed Regional
FIN_FR_01 AMI DYNAMIC BOIS 2015 Regional
FIN_FR_02 AMI DYNAMIC BOIS 2016 Regional
FIN_FR_23 Assistance in drafting a simple voluntary management plan City/Town
FIN_FR_06 Assistance in equipping forest products mobilization companies Regional
FIN_FR_19 Assistance in planting pastoral hedges and planting trees Regional
FIN_FR_07 Assistance in preventing damage to forests caused by forest fires, natural disasters and catastrophic events Regional
FIN_FR_13 Assistance in writing the MTP and diagnosis when creating a GIEEF National
FIN_FI_05 Business Finland National
FIN_FR_08 Cable operating aid Regional
FIN_SP_07 Call for grants for innovation projects developed by supra-autonomic operating groups. 2019 National
FIN_SP_11 Call for non-economic R&D projects carried out by CyL CCTT. 2019 Regional
FIN_SP_08 "Call for projects of the Empleaverde Programme. (ESF) -2019 " National
FIN_SP_06 Call for Technology and Innovation Platforms. 2019 National
FIN_SP_12 Call for Technology Centres for the creation of new technological and scientific capacities linked to endogenous resources. 2019 Regional