CFHarvest (WoodForce) | Forestry software for loggers, forest contractors and forest companies

CFHarvest (WoodForce) | Forestry software for loggers, forest contractors and forest companies


CFharvest (WoodForce) is planning- and steering system for harvesting and silviculture to optimize and strengthen the supply chains of forestry. Forestry company delivers all the contracts the WoodForce-system according to the need of raw material. The contractor selects the contracts and the locations he will perform. Forest companies have decreased harvesting and average costs in Silviculture or Regeneration job types. There has been increasing productivity in the supply chain of stem wood and energy wood. Also increasing productivity in field operations in Forestry like Silviculture Harvesting Forest Services. Contractors have the ability to manage their own forestry services and receive the full benefit of all resources. Possibility to operate for multiple forest companies is important. In addition, there is less manual reporting and worksite navigation is easier. CFharvest supports a changing trend where progressive companies now contract for several forest companies and do the planning with one system. Since the contractor understands local conditions best, forest harvesting operations become more efficient: the contractor has direct control over work plans and scheduling his own fleet of harvesters and trucks.

Type of wood
Origin of wood
Mobilization Potential
Not possible to assess
Kind of wood concerned
Stemwood, Above and below ground woody biomass
Sustainability Potential
Impact on environment & biodiversity


Ease of implementation
Economic impact
Positive/ Less costs of harvesting
Job effect
Income effect
Specific knowledge needed
Digital expertise combined to forestry expertise
Key prerequisites

Good communication is needed with all stakeholders

Forest management, ecosystem, resilience
Harvesting, infrastructure, logistics
Challenge addressed
5.- Enhance economic and environmental performance of forest supply chains
Type of solution
Collaboration platforms, logistical hubs
Digital solution
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Trimble Forestry's WoodForce - the solution for smarter wood harvesting
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