Wood Watcher - measure volume of woodpiles and wood transports fast, precise, and easy

Wood Watcher - measure volume of woodpiles and wood transports fast, precise, and easy Wood Watcher

Wood Watcher
Wood Watcher offers a complete digital solution to measure wood piles and wood transports using an Android phone, iPhone or iPad.
Wood volume of truck; 2m steel bar reference

Main benefit: Manual wood volume measuring is labour-intensive and time-consuming, however, volumes can be easily measured digitally in minutes on a smartphone using Wood Watcher.

Easy process:

  1. Point the camera from your phone or tablet to any wood stack or wood truck and take a picture
  2. The artificial intelligence algorithms analyze every pixel and detect all the wood logs (even partially obscured or dirt or snow-covered)
  3. Input the digital reference and the length of the logs
  4. Instantly receive the number of logs, the volume in cubic meters, the pile density and contour, and a detailed report of each piece of wood
  5. Save and share the measurement data to the cloud or with business partners


The benefits are: 

  1. Time efficiency. Time is the most important factor in any business. Manually measuring a woodpile or wood transport truck takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, but with Wood Watcher, it takes under 1 minute.
  2. Costs savings. Manual methods require significant manpower – at least a crane operator and one (or two) employees to measure for 30-120 minutes. Wood Watcher works with only 1 person (ex: the crane operator) for 1 minute.
  3. Instant report generation. Forget manually entering wood diameters using pen and paper or excel data input. Wood Watcher generates a basic .csv file or excel .xlsx file or .pdf file instantly.
  4. Reduce human input error. We are human and we make mistakes when measuring, when inputting data or when reporting data. When using Wood Watcher all human errors are minimized.
  5. Satisfied and confident customers. Both sellers/suppliers and buyers need to be able to measure and verify each other’s claims. With Wood Watcher volumes can be measured objectively as many times as needed and the measurement ba used as proof.
  6. Data sharing. Compliance audit. Real-time inventory overview. Digital Transformation. With Wood Watcher, data can be shared between systems and stored in the Cloud making it easily accessible and retrievable.


All digital data can be integrated with Wood Watcher Inventory System or using the company's existing inventory and management system.

Individual measurement data can be improved and customized to business needs and best practices with extra metadata: GPS, source, destination, transport id and more.

Wood Watcher provides automation, digitalization, precision, confidence, transparency, traceability, objectivity, and increases productivity when measuring wood.

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Wood Watcher contributes to sustainable and responsible forestry by promoting automation, digitalization, precision, confidence, transparency, traceability, objectivity.



Ease of implementation
Wood Watcher is available right now for download on Android, iPhone, and iPad. You get 10 free credits and you pay per measurement as you use the software.
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Harvesting, infrastructure, logistics
Digital Wood Tracking Precise Volume
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5.- Enhance economic and environmental performance of forest supply chains
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Sensors, measurement equipment
Digital solution
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2021 -
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The forestry industry is changing towards digitalization, precision, and automation
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