waste wood

waste wood


Careful selection of old, reclaimed timber Dismantling and professional preparation for the international sale Marks of machining and wear as well as natural weathering create unique, original surfaces Traces of old world craftsmanship and elaborate woodworking methods and use are stored There is an interesting niche market for unique old wood. Unique wood with history and character is prepared and run for a second use High-quality, ecologically valuable, lasting value and sustainable Mostly processed manually, sorted and packaged Also supply of raw materials, semi-finished products to finished, ready to lay products and tailor-made solutions

Type of wood
Recycled or waste wood
Origin of wood
Deconstruction work
Mobilization Potential
No mobilization
Kind of wood concerned
Recycled wood / waste wood
Sustainability Potential
High as an recycling topic
Impact on environment & biodiversity

Low, wood is used a second time

Ease of implementation
Economic impact
Enhancement of regionally added value / more efficient working processes /active learning
Job effect
>30 people (company)
Income effect
Positive / more efficient working processes / cost reduction possibility identification
Specific knowledge needed
Treatment of old timber
Key prerequisites

Experience about sourcing and also selling essential.

Research and development
Digital solution
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Scale of application
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