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Repository Sci Vie Sci Vie

Repozitorij Sci Vie
Digitization of professional works in the field of forestry and ensuring their accessibility through the institutional repository SciVie

The SciVie repository (derived from ‘Sciences de la Vie’) with its fully open access materials, provides more efficient use and re-use of past research and the promotion of research results, researchers and institutions. This may help in increasing citations and recognition of scientific works, training future scientists for open access, increasing the number of potential users and giving the general public the opportunity to improve their lives based on research findings. For all partners there are three basic purposes:-to deposit articles according to the publisher’s policy and therefore meet the request for Open Access Policies in the European Union; this is accomplished based on the information mediated by the SHERPA/RoMEO website;-to publish new publications by participating institutions in open access, and-to archive old and digitalized literature.  With these activities we aim to enable the use and re-use of new and old research materials that might otherwise not be readily accessible, and we there by support the advancement of forest research and development.

Education and training
Challenge addressed
7.- Raise public awareness, social acceptance and political support for forestry
Type of solution
Data platforms, data hubs
Digital solution
Country of origin
Scale of application
Start and end year
2013 -
Contact data
Owner or author
Slovenian Forestry Institute
Maja Peteh
Slovenian Forestry Institute
Andreja Vedenik
Project under which this factsheet has been created
Rosewood 4.0