To know, value and foster the portuguese forest
The platform, set up in 2020, is an initiative from The Navigator Company under the technical and scientific coordination of RAIZ - Forest and Paper Research Institute, with the support of the national scientific community and various institutions and initiatives linked to forests.

The platform aims to establish itself as a knowledge centre on Portuguese forest ecosystems and related subjects. Bringing together official information and technical-scientific knowledge about the forest sector, the platform is based on an innovative and transversal digital approach that integrates the different dimensions and challenges faced by Portuguese forests (production, conservation and recreation forest areas) and their species.

Like the forest itself, the platform is in permanent evolution. More than a static portrait of the Portuguese forestry and agroforestry areas, it is a starting point for the systematisation of knowledge and reflection on transversal and current issues in the forest sector. In this sense, it is constantly updated and receptive to contributions. This is  a way of extending and sharing data, relevant information and different perspectives on Portuguese forest ecosystems and related themes.

The information available on is based on official sources available on each topic (duly referenced), and is not responsible for the content and possible gaps in the basic information or for the existence of contradictory data. Each topic is based on an effort to identify, contextualise and interpret relevant and credible sources. Whenever possible, reference information at national, European and world level is presented. The final contents are then shared with the general public.

The aim of the platform is to look at the past, present and future. From the past, the aspiration is to contribute to the preservation of the historical memory of the forestry sector and its most emblematic figures. In the present, the sharing of accurate and accessible information so that the value and importance of the national forestry and agroforestry ecosystems reach a wider audience. For the future, the conviction that it is necessary to know the forest in order to better care for it and respond to the challenges it faces.

The mission of is to collect, systematise and disseminate comprehensive information and knowledge about the Portuguese forests and agroforestry areas, making their relevance, challenges and opportunities known in a clear and accessible way.

Its vision is to be a source of reliable and contextualized information that shares state-of-the-art knowledge on forest ecosystems, helps to clarify essential issues and challenges society - all of us - to get to know, value and care for Portuguese forests.
Science comunication; Knowledge and education; Forests and forest areas; Ecosystem goods and services
Challenge addressed
7.- Raise public awareness, social acceptance and political support for forestry
Type of solution
Knowledge transfer, education
Digital solution
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2020 -
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The Navigator Company / RAIZ – Forest and Paper Research Institute
Instituto Superior de Agronomia
Susana Barreiro
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