Machinery ring

Machinery ring


A “machinery ring” describes an association where farmers support each other by offering machinery and services in forestry and agriculture:
The “machinery ring” is a community that exchanges experiences, shares machines and supports in emergency situations.
it’s essentially based on community and innovation
The „machinery ring“ is a Germany-wide organisation; membership is completed in the members’ local machinery ring (place of living)
The focus is on a member organization and the sustainable benefits for the associated companies

The “machinery ring” successfully offer their members:
reduced production costs attractive employment and additional income opportunities
enhanced working conditions (for example outsourcing of work chains, support of employees during peak periods)
allowances in emergency situations (damages, etc.)
expert consultancy, wide range of services, mediation contracts

The “machinery rings” are the first consulting partners in management and field work organization
The local organizations provide individual personnel, services and technology
The cost-effective shared use of modern technology / machinery in forestry and agriculture, employment models for members and organization of value chains especially in rural areas are the main building blocks
In Germany there are about 240 local machinery ring organizations that represent about 192.000 agricultural farms
Roof organization is the “Bundesverband der Maschinenringe e.V.“ with it’s subsidiary „Maschinenring Deutschland GmbH“

Type of wood
Mobilization Potential
1 – 2 m³/ha
Kind of wood concerned
Stemwood, biomass, isolated trees, parcs, municipal woodlands, agriculture / plantations, landscaping
Sustainability Potential
Impact on environment & biodiversity

positive on biodiversity and forest resilience enhancement

Ease of implementation
Economic impact
Enhancement of regionally added value. The Maschinenring itself offers jobs for 2.500 employees.
Job effect
Creating professional jobs in rural area
Income effect
Positive / improved value-chain in rural areas
Specific knowledge needed
shared machinery and work power;
Key prerequisites

Low entrance barriers to establish such approaches

Forest-based bio/circular economy
Innovation management, hubs, clusters
Digital solution
Country of origin
Scale of application
Start and end year
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