LogBuch | Simple and efficient forest data collection

LogBuch | Simple and efficient forest data collection

Digital solution for forestry data collection and networking of all actors in the timber process chain. Offline in the outdoor area, comfortable use thanks to voice recording and intuitive operation through a practice-oriented menu navigation in the mobile app and the web application.

LogBuch enables data aggregation in the forest, a simple evaluation of the data and further processing.  The combination of voice recording and Bluetooth button enables hands-free precise location of trees with simultaneous recording of important information about the tree, such as safety instructions or planning working procedures. The expected cut volume can be determined, and assortments planned. Foresters and harvester operators both receive detailed information (cross-linking with third party systems is supported). Technology: An A 2-frequency GNSS-receiver is connected to a smartphone to estimate the current position. A bluetooth button is used for language analysis. All spoken information can be recorded, automatically transcribed and classified, and the actual position lodged. WLAN is used for data exchange between smartphone, webserver and other users. Data can be exported as a map or table in georeferenced or not referenced formats (xlsx, GeoJson, shp, GPX, map). Applications: Preparation of timber harvesting, establishment of a digital "inventory", area mapping (also planting) by connecting recorded corner points, mapping of skid trails by the line function (harvest control or certification basis), remote navigation via Google Maps. In addition, recording of habitat trees etc., support for hunting organization (high seats, driven hunt stands, stalking routes etc.) and traffic safety measures.

Type of wood
Origin of wood
Mobilization Potential
Better and more efficient planning of mechanized timber harvest supports wood mobilization through cost reduction.
Kind of wood concerned
All types of wood
Sustainability Potential
Good planning decreases damages (e.g. soil damage on logging paths or forest roads).
Impact on environment & biodiversity

Decreased damages protect the forest soil as an important part of the forest ecosystem. Efficient planning also reduces fuel consumption.

Ease of implementation
The solution is available on the market.
Economic impact
Good planning reduces working time and fuel consumption, resulting in cost reductions for timber harvesting operators.
Job effect
In light of aging workforces, digital solutions are expected to make forestry jobs more attractive to the next generation. The app helps to qualify staff.
Specific knowledge needed
Low / the manual is quite self-explanatory
Inventory, monitoring
Forest management, ecosystem, resilience
Harvesting, infrastructure, logistics
Challenge addressed
5.- Enhance economic and environmental performance of forest supply chains
Type of solution
Smart machinery, equipment
Digital solution
Country of origin
Scale of application
Start and end year
2017 -
Contact data
Owner or author
SDP Digitale Produkte GmbH - LogBuch
Friedrich Hollmeier
Marie-Charlotte Hoffmann, Elke Hübner-Tennhoff
References and Resources
Forstpraxis.de / Forest&Technology - "Please for dictation"
LogBuch - we digitalize the forest (video)
Project under which this factsheet has been created
Rosewood 4.0