KomSilva | Communication assistance and public relations in forestry

KomSilva | Communication assistance and public relations in forestry


In KomSilva, tools for a goal-oriented and efficient discourse with forest owners are being developed. Target groups are stakeholders and organizations who activate and address forest owners. Mostly forestry associations should profit from the project, but also service providers and other stakeholders. Communication with forest owners is a key asset towards mobilization. Existing instruments are being adjusted and new tools like online-training, online-consulting concepts and social media strategies for consulting and communication are being created and already successfully tested.

Existing instruments for approaching forest owners and communicate with them are being investigated and evaluated according to their effectiveness. Thereby, a collaborative approach is being pursued. It comprises an advisory committee with experts from practice and an active involvement via interviews, a large-scale online-survey and workshops. Experiences in activating forest owners and in public relations are being collected and practicable factors of success are being identified. Arguments for the activation of forest owners are being developed to sensitize forestry associations also for the new task fields.

Type of wood
Origin of wood
Mobilization Potential
Estimated 1 - 3 m³/ha
Kind of wood concerned
All assortments
Sustainability Potential
Impact on environment & biodiversity

Positive / Depending on management decisions

Ease of implementation
Economic impact
More wood available
Job effect
More forest thinnings and harvesting
Income effect
Specific knowledge needed
Key prerequisites

Depending on regional forest laws

Education and training
Innovation management, hubs, clusters
Challenge addressed
7.- Raise public awareness, social acceptance and political support for forestry
Digital solution
Country of origin
Scale of application
Start and end year
2017 - 2020
Contact data
Owner or author
Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik e.V.
References and Resources
KomSilva Guidebook (Leitfaden - in German)
KomSilva YouTube channel
Project under which this factsheet has been created
Rosewood 4.0