e-globulus | Knowledge transfer platform towards sustainable forest management of eucalypt plantations

e-globulus | Knowledge transfer platform towards sustainable forest management of eucalypt plantations e-globulus

e-globulus | Plataforma de apoio técnico-científico à gestão de povoamentos de eucalipto
Knowledge transfer platform for assisting forest owners in eucalypt' stands management

The project aimed at technical and scientific knowledge transfer encouraging the management of eucalypt plantations. A freely available user-friendly platform providing site specific prescriptions concerning the best silvicultural practices that takes edaphic, climatic and topographic characteristics into account was developed. In order to benefit from technical assistance, the forest owner has to be registered in the platform (trial-version available). First, he has to add his property by drawing it directly on Google Maps or importing a shapefile/KML. The next step will consist of property/forest characterization (e.g. age and stand rotation, soil details, topography). Finally, has to specify if he wants to establish a new stand or maintain an existing one. After completed, a personalized technical prescription is immediately provided. The user can edit his list of properties or update the forests’ characteristics. When features are updated, the user can request for a revised technical prescription. A pdf file with the prescription can be downloaded or access can be directly granted to someone (e.g. forest manager). An additional feature allows users to consult possible restrictions of legal and/or environmental scope concerning forestry practices. This tool includes also an online library and other contents. By the end of 2021, the platform reached more than 43k visualizations, 10k users with 560 users registered in technical indications module; 3 patents were submitted.

Forest management, ecosystem, resilience
on-line platform; silvicultural operations; forest management; eucalypt; forest owners
Challenge addressed
1.- Improve forest resilience and adaption to climate change
Type of solution
Advice and services for forest owners
Digital solution
Country of origin
Scale of application
Start and end year
2017 - 2020
Contact data
Owner or author
RAIZ – Instituto de investigação da floresta e papel
Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA)
Susana Barreiro
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Rosewood 4.0