KEMERA funding (Funding for Sustainable Forestry)

KEMERA funding (Funding for Sustainable Forestry)


The purpose of the act on the financing of sustainable forestry (Kemera-law) is to advance economically, ecologically and socially sustainable silviculture and use of the forests. A private forest owner may receive financial support from the State for forest management, forest improvement work and for nature management. Public funding for forestry is based on the Act on the Financing of Sustainable Forestry. The general objectives of forestry financing are stated in the Act: increase the growth of forests, maintain road networks for forestry purposes, secure the biodiversity of forests and promote the adaptation of forests to climate change.

Government subsidies are essential for safeguarding sustainable wood production, maintenance of forest biodiversity and improvement of the health of forests. The most common reason not to participate in the cost sharing program is the challenge in applying the support. The receipt of Kemera subsidies requires a implementation plan or an application for support and declaration of completion. The amount of Kemera support varies by type of work and by financial zone. Support is a taxable income and the funding is provided by the Finnish Forest Center. Forest management and improvement work which may be eligible for support include the tending of seedling stands, tending of young stands, ditch cleaning and supplementary ditching and construction of forest roads. Support may also be granted for remedial fertilisation.

Type of wood
Origin of wood
Mobilization Potential
Not possible to assess
Kind of wood concerned
Stemwood, Above and below ground woody biomass
Sustainability Potential
Impact on environment & biodiversity


Ease of implementation
Economic impact
Job effect
Very positive
Income effect
Specific knowledge needed
Knowing KEMERA system is needed
Key prerequisites

State support for forestry

Forest management, ecosystem, resilience
Challenge addressed
3.- Activate private owners and cooperative forest management
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Metsäkeskus Forest Centre
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