Information sheets LWF (Example: Supply of wood chips)

Information sheets LWF (Example: Supply of wood chips)


The information sheets of the LWF summarize the latest research findings for practical application. They are of interest for foresters, forest workers, forest owners and interested private persons.

The information sheets of the LWF contributes to a better forest culture and professionalization even in small scale forest ownership structure and is printed and published also in Internet.

Approach in the selected example:
Description of the different options to form a processing chain for the supply of wood chips (harvesting, logging/stocking, chopping, transport), with regard to the kind and the amount of wood available
Instruction for measuring the amount of wood chips based on the estimation of the stock volume
Sustainability: Recommendation to use branches and tree tops for wood chips only dependent of the location à should not be used in locations poor of nutrients. The withdrawal of nutrients can be decreased by debranching and removal of the tree tops à nutrients stay in the ecosystem and growth is maintained. Additionally, the quality of the wood chips increases and revenues can be higher

Region of origin
Mobilization Potential
1 – 2 m³/ha
Kind of wood concerned
Above ground biomass
Sustainability Potential
Impact on environment & biodiversity

Advice to select methods according to the respective location

Ease of implementation
Economic impact
Enhancement of regionally added value / more efficient working processes /active learning
Job effect
Better qualified staff
Income effect
Positive / more efficient working processes / cost reduction possibility identification
Specific knowledge needed
Knowledge needed depending on process described
Key prerequisites

Expertise knowledge

Harvesting, infrastructure, logistics
Education and training
Digital solution
Country of origin
Region of origin
Scale of application
Start and end year
Contact data
Owner or author
References and Resources
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