Increasing transparency in wood trade

Increasing transparency in wood trade Rustechworld

Sistema de Diligência Devida para os Produtos Florestais (EUTR)

Rustechworld is an operational platform that integrates different tools aiming at sustainable forest management. It facilitates the organization at management unit level of operational data along with climate, vegetation, biodiversity, forest production and soil information in georeferenced layers displayed in map or tabular form. It contains the Rustechwood tool that allows fulfilling the requirements of Due Diligence Systems (EUTR) by improving the transparency of forest products trade and the Rustech measurement tool, a field-located multi-sensor box developed to provide real time data for decision making (under development).

Products, markets, trade
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6.- Grow the forest-based bioeconomy through circular use and value-added products
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Traceability tools
Digital solution
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Pedro Serra Ramos
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Rosewood 4.0