FORETDATA is an operational collaborative platform for all stakeholders in the forest-wood-paper sector. It aims to improve knowledge of their activities by exchanging data. The platform makes it possible to obtain summaries at the level of the territory on the forest activity and to follow for each company their activities in relation to their data entry.
The mayors of municipalities can monitor the number of logging sites and their execution periods thanks to the platform.

The platform is developed only in New Aquitaine but it is possible to extend it to other regions. To function, it was necessary to establish a relationship of trust for rights management and application security.
The syntheses resulting from the platform are used as a means of communication with elected representatives in order to show the reality of forestry and to clarify the obstacles and their stakes.

Each forestry contractor fills in data related to the logging site (type of work, surface area, date of intervention, estimated volume, characteristics of the land) in order to fill out the online site opening declaration forms and safety data sheets. These are then sent directly to the services concerned (municipalities, DDT).
The sites are all mapped under GIS and the data referenced.
The users of the platform benefit:
- an online mapping tool that allows you to consult the cartographic bottoms and regulatory zoning
- of a drawing tool,
- of a shared directory,
- the production of standardised documents
- a platform for information exchange between companies.
In 2017, 182,000 ha were recorded on the platform, equivalent to 5,000 ha / month.
Currently, about twenty companies use the platform. The tool makes it possible to divide by 3 the time for a company to produce administrative documents.

Region of origin
Type of wood
Origin of wood
Mobilization Potential
Facilitates overall mobilization by reducing the administrative workload of contractors and improving the acceptability of forestry activity to elected officials, communities, etc.
Kind of wood concerned
Sustainability Potential
a long-term project that develops step by step.
Impact on environment & biodiversity

No direct impact

Ease of implementation
Easy: mapping tool + database to create
Economic impact
Reduces contractors' administrative time, freeing up time for prospecting
Job effect
Income effect
Specific knowledge needed
Key prerequisites

Tool for the entire forest-wood sector, facilitates exchanges and administrative procedures

Innovation management, hubs, clusters
Type of solution
Data platforms, data hubs
Digital solution
Country of origin
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Scale of application
Start and end year
2014 -
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