ForestMap | Calculate your forest inventory online

ForestMap | Calculate your forest inventory online

ForestMap is an e-commerce platform that allows users to make reliable and on-line forest inventories of a specific area in a rapid and simple way. It estimates all relevant variables included in a professional forest inventory through combination of pre-processed remote sensing data and powerful predictive models.

ForestMap intuitive interface allows anyone to automatically generate forest inventories of a chosen area without the need of field work and unnecessary delays. ForestMap is an unprecedented solution that delivers accurate, quick and cost-effective forest inventory reports. It is necessary to integrate a maximum of information sources to generate the most accurate, complete and updated inventories possible: LiDAR, satellite, photogrammetry, available terrain data... Stakeholders in the forestry sector are not used to working with technological tools, so it is important to do important demonstration work and support.

ForestMap has a positive impact for a major mobilisation of wood resources allowing forest-owners, operators and indutries to assess stands in an easy and remote way. ForestMap is able to provide valuable reports on demand. An operative version of the web platform (link) is working for 10 provinces in Spain, that covers more than 3 M ha. ForestMap models showed a high performance in terms of accuracy (volume BIAS< 20%) and response times being able to produce a full inventory of less than 500ha in minutes.
ForestMap has been used to produce tailor-made products for specific uses and clients, based on innovation projects:

  • Tool for calculating (link)the amount of carbon in forest masses in the province of Bizkaia (Basque Country, Spain).
  • Inventory mapping of fuel models tool and for the prevention and management of forest fires in La Rioja
Mobilization Potential
Kind of wood concerned
All kind of wood
Sustainability Potential
Very positive
Impact on environment & biodiversity


Ease of implementation
Easy, basic digital skills
Specific knowledge needed
Very high skills and knowledge in remote sensing, forestry and software development
Key prerequisites

To know its existence

Forest management, ecosystem, resilience
Forest inventory; resources; development
Challenge addressed
5.- Enhance economic and environmental performance of forest supply chains
Type of solution
Advice and services for forest owners
Digital solution
Country of origin
Scale of application
Start and end year
2018 -
Contact data
Owner or author
Agresta S. Coop.
David García
References and Resources
Project under which this factsheet has been created
Rosewood 4.0