“FMMF IL LEGNO” Trademark

“FMMF IL LEGNO” Trademark


"FMMF Il Legno" identifies wood products derived from Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest boundaries. The brand can be used only by public and private forest owners and by the forestry companies that are members of the MFMF association who have signed a set of regulations about safety and sustainable cutting. It guarantees: the legality of the products supplied through compliance with international, national and regional laws regarding forestry, commerce and taxation; compliance with current safety regulations; the presence and respect of regular contracts for the buying and selling of the woods.

This project has tried to improve conditions of the companies (owners and users) of first transformation who work on the territory of FMMF, through a continuous training process that can improve the working conditions of the operators in the woods. It has tried to put together demand with offer by selling products (certified timber) that guarantees environmental, economic and social sustainability. The demand is often unwilling to use the forest due to a high fragmentation of the forest property with a marked prevalence of limited private property surfaces.

Types of products guaranteed: woody biomass for energy, firewood, wood chips, pellets, round wood, semi-finished products, wooden products.
The brand managers have carried out activities to promote the brand chain: participation in events; participation at meetings with trade associations or public bodies (Tuscany Region, CNA Borgo San Lorenzo, Gal START, etc.).
They supported the FMMF members drafting projects (PSR calls, GAL START calls, forestry PIF - integrated supply chain projects) and with documents in compliance with EUTR regulation 995/2010 (DUE DILIGENCE).
Project "Bosco Chiavi in ​​Mano" was designed to help owners manage their forests efficiently; professionals offer a service that simplifies forest management and facilitates transactions. 250 turned chestnut poles were sold, 650 q. of firewood, barrels, boards, 250 square meters of chestnut for the floor of the C.BIO shop in Florence and a Center dedicated to Chestnut at Castagno D’andrea was made with branded chestnut wood.

Region of origin
Type of wood
Origin of wood
Mobilization Potential
"30.000 square meters of coniferous round wood 1000 tons of firewood"
Kind of wood concerned
"Logs: Douglas fir, Firewood: chestnut, oak, beech"
Sustainability Potential
Impact on environment & biodiversity

FMMF _IL LEGNO can be used by companies that have signed the APROFOMO protocol, so they are required to reduce mineral component in fuel and oil used. In terms of biodiversity they are informed on the need to respect minor species and to preserve particular habitats.
Another effect of an organized supply chain is the reduction in transportation.

Ease of implementation
Economic impact
Economic transactions- related to the world of wood in the model forest area - have been estimated of ​​4 million of euros
Job effect
None for the moment
Income effect
None for the moment
Specific knowledge needed
Good knowledge of wood supply chain
Key prerequisites

Supply chain
Aprofomo protocoll

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