Eco_Energie: the challenge of a forest company that has chosen to grow and qualify

Eco_Energie: the challenge of a forest company that has chosen to grow and qualify


The coop. Eco-Energie was born from the Baglioni family farm. To survive in the italian firewood market, characterized by strong unfair competition, the owner decided to innovate their approach to forest works. After 5 years of study, he has decided to invest in a gradual but consistent manner in the production and sale of wood chips, diversifying at the same time the production also focusing on naturalistic engineering. From 2015 the company also directly manages a district heating system through a turnkey service, the so-called contracting.

Eco-Energie is characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and propensity to risk. This is demonstrated by the huge investments in mechanization, training and the search for new solutions such as contracting activities.
This seems to pay off: diversifying end products derived from the wood normally used, increasing productivity through better organization, gradually investing in the use of advanced mechanization and focusing on the training of employees seem to be firm points from which many companies in the sector could start again.

The growth of Eco-Energie has been impressive: the company currently has more than 20 employees and continues to invest in new machines and equipment. They are numerous, the training activities of the employees (also in the field of security) and contracts increase, multi-year contracts for the supply of wood chips to existing plants.
However, management problems arise and organization related to spaces, to guarantee an even better product in less time.
Thus the need to acquire oneself has arisen a biomass platform: a logistic center covered where to sort the material, store and dry the wood and chips and sell the products also to the retail.
From this cooperative a new company (Etruria Energie - was born recently (2016), which offers a turnkey service for the installation of renewable energy plants, in particular from wood biomass, for public and private users.

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Low environmental impact and increasing biodiversity

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Creation of local wood-energy chains
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Creation of new income from the sale of biomass for energy
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Wood fuels market trends, wood chip mechanization
Forest management, ecosystem, resilience
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