ChainWood | Blockchain for inmutable timber

ChainWood | Blockchain for inmutable timber

ChainWood operational group combines capabilities of the timber and forestry sector with companies and technology centers for the development of software based on blockchain and IoT technology that will contribute to improve traceability, competitiveness and efficiency in the sector.
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The objective of the ChainWood project is to design and develop a secure software infrastructure based on blockchain and Internet of Things technologies, adjusted to all wood supply chains, allowing the different actors to make the most of their data and manage the product in a more efficient way in terms of cost, traceability and sustainability. The main solutions to problems detected are: transaction assurance, Real-time trusted information, Semi-automation of the operation, Accessible quality data, Improved competition.


  • For producers: Real-time information on the volume and status of the product.
  • For the processing industry: Access to a huge source of raw material data that will allow them to optimize their supply processes and streamline the management of their operations.
  •  For operating companies: Transparency and assurance in transactions, making the most of today's technology.
  • For control authorities: Cost reduction in auditing and control processes, as well as a more precise knowledge of supply chains.
  • For logistics companies: Information that will enable them to optimize their fleet and provide services more efficiently.
  • For public administrations: Easier access to timber data, allowing a more agile and efficient management of the processes they supervise.
Origin of wood
Mobilization Potential
Very high, as this tools provides the necessary information in a secure way to improve and increase the mobilization of wood
Kind of wood concerned
Timber, roundwood
Sustainability Potential
This tool enables the companies and also private owners of small forests, to manage in the most efficient and sustainable way
Impact on environment & biodiversity

The impact is high in a positive way because smarter solutions can be performed with the best impact in the environment and subsequently for biodiversity

Ease of implementation
Very easy, and person with basic knoledge in modern technology devices can use ChainWood
Economic impact
The planning of a company or forest owner will be more accurate, therefore, this will turn into better economic results
Job effect
Income effect
Specific knowledge needed
IT knowledge
Exploitation potential


Key prerequisites


Inventory, monitoring
Products, markets, trade
blockchain; Internet of Things
Challenge addressed
5.- Enhance economic and environmental performance of forest supply chains
Type of solution
Traceability tools
Digital solution
Country of origin
Scale of application
Start and end year
2018 - 2020
Contact data
Owner or author
Cesefor Foundation
Ángela García
References and Resources
Project reference
Project under which this factsheet has been created
Rosewood 4.0