Forest innovation hubs knowledge plattform

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Hackathons are a tool to stimulate cross-sectoral innovations of start-ups and students
Financing, funding schemes
Innovation management, hubs, clusters
Cascade funding, innovation vouchers
Digital solution
Public data of forest in the form of application contains overview of public data of forests managed by national authority.
Education and training
Knowledge transfer, education
Digital solution
The aim of Cross-Forest is to publish Forest Inventory Datasets and Forestry maps from Portugal and Spain in Linked Open Data (LOD) format, and to combine them to create and integrate models supporting forest management and forest protection.
Inventory, monitoring
Forest management, ecosystem, resilience
Forest disturbances, risks
Data platforms, data hubs
Digital solution
The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the development of new products, improve technological processes and strengthening the competitiveness of the economy through increased investment and capacity for research, development and innovation.
Research and development
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