ForestHQ | Online system to manage land, inventories and operations

ForestHQ | Online system to manage land, inventories and operations ForestHQ

ForestHQ is an innovative system supporting the management of forest operations and processes. This system includes tools for land management, data collection, data analysis, timber valuation, and activities management.

ForestHQ facilitates the management of forest operations and processes. This platform adds value to the data and improves the access and sharing of information. ForestHQ  includes different key modules:

  • Forest inventory, valuation, and carbon MRV. This module includes mobile apps for field data collection, models, and analytics to quantify timber products and carbon. 
    • Rapid measurement with the Arboreal app (iOS) or traditional measurement tools.
    • Simple and automated analytics, carbon estimation, and forest valuation
    • Online mapping of inventories with location-based metrics
    • Online reporting including, timber product breakdown, digital maps, and valuation reports
    • Compatible with ForestBidder Online Marketplace
  • Remote harvesting monitoring.  This module includes a connection with harvester machines for remote monitoring of the harvesting operations. This tool increases the control of the operations and significantly reduces costs and field visits.  
    •  Manage harvesting contractors
    •  Track harvest progress remotely
    •  Monitor log product optimisation performance
    •  Harvester products and stem locations for granular information and visual maps
    •  HarvestSync App (android) for onboard data collection with auto-syncing
  • Land management. ForestHQ makes it easy to manage your forest properties and activities. This is a collaborative platform that facilities the visibility of data and communications.
    • Manage forest properties and client database
    • Easily map forest sub-compartments online
    • Plan and manage forest operations and activities
    • Manage and track documents, felling licenses, permits, and grants
    • Assign and share documents and tasks
    • Integrate with your existing systems

Further modules will include tools for forest certification, carbon sequestration projects, and forest management plans. 

ForestHQ can be customised and adapted to the different user needs, with simple user interfaces it is an ideal solution for forest owners, small and large organisations

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Using ForestHQ harvesting module the customer can mobilise up to 20% more of quality timber by a better optimisation of the harvesting.
Potenciál udržateľnosti
Improvement of the sustainable forest management practices, treatability of operations data and verification of these practices.
Vplyv na životné prostredie a biodiverzitu

ForestHQ has a significant impact on the digitalisation of the forest industry. This system makes digitalisation more accessible to small and medium size forest owners and organisations.  According to a study performed by UNECE, in terms of numbers of private forest owners as well as distributions of size classes, small-scale land holdings prevail in European forests. These forest owners are not only important in numbers or a large amount of forest that they manage, but also play an important role in rural communities, sustaining local economies and traditional and sustainable forest management methods.

Despite the effort that small forest owners are putting into sustainable forest management.  The level of sustainable forest management that can be verified in the private forest need to improve.  For the private forest sector, with the exception of Austria and Finland, the certification level is still rather low or even non-existent in some countries. 

ForestHQ is a game-changer to bring private owners and organizations to effective and variable forest management providing them with digitalisation. 

Uľahčenie implmentácie
ForestHQ is mainly an online system that does not require implementation in the client side.
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There is no specific knowledge required to use ForestHQ
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This system is targeting forest owners and forest management organisations worldwide.

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There are no specific prerequisites to use ForestHQ

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Inventarizácia, posudzovanie, monitoring/monitorovanie
Lesné hospodárstvo/hospodárska úprava lesa, pestovanie lesa, ekosystémové služby, odolonosť
Ťažba, infraštruktúra, logistika
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Inventory; Monitoring; Forest management; Operations mobile app; web app
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5. Zlepšenie hospodárskej a environmentálnej výkonnosti dodávateľských reťazcov v lesníctve
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Dátové platformy, dátové rozbočovače, verejne prístupné dáta
Digitalne riešenie
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2015 -
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Alex Poveda
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Forest Bidder
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Rosewood 4.0