FOVEA - Photo-optical wood pile measurement

FOVEA - Photo-optical wood pile measurement

Wood piles of any size can be measured easily from your smartphone.

FOVEA offers an innovative all-in-one solution for digital logging of wood: With the “iFOVEA Pro” app, wooden piles of any size can be measured in a few minutes using the latest image processing technology. In addition, the forest management system (FMS) supports the inventory and logistics of wood quantities as extensive online software. The iFOVEA app provides different measurement methods depending on the requirements:

  • Photo-optical measurement for plywood piles (number, solid cubic meters and cubic meters)
  • Photo-optical measurement for industrial wood (outline and cubic meter)
  • Photo-optical measurement for trucks (number, solid cubic meters and cubic meters)
  • Data acquisition for long timber
  • Manual section procedure with and without line sampling

The calculation of all measured values takes place directly on the smartphone or tablet and does not require an internet connection in the forest. With numerous configuration options, each measurement method can be individually adapted. With the Forest Management System (FMS), the measured data can be easily managed online. In addition to an extensive wood inventory, the system offers a map function and options for invoicing and automatic calculation of wood prices.

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The solution is on the market, the app can be downloaded on any smartphone from the owners' website.
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Inventarizácia, posudzovanie, monitoring/monitorovanie
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5. Zlepšenie hospodárskej a environmentálnej výkonnosti dodávateľských reťazcov v lesníctve
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Inteligentné stroje, zariadenia
Digitalne riešenie
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Začiatok a koniec roka
2015 -
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SDP Digitale Produkte GmbH
Friedrich Hollmeier
Marie-Charlotte Hoffmann, Elke Hübner-Tennhoff
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