Choose Forest | Forum for forest educational institutions

Choose Forest | Forum for forest educational institutions

Velg Skog
Choose Forest works with recruitment, education and reputation building for the forest industry in Norway.

Choose Forest is a member organization which main purpose is to ensure that forest-based industry and society has sufficient, correct, and high-quality competence, for value creation and sustainable resource management.

Choose Forest will achieve this by: Ensure forestry education in Norway at all levels that are important to the industry. Work actively with reputation building of forestry towards relevant recruitment arenas for forest education, and towards the advisory apparatus in the educational system. Be a liaison between the industry, institutions, administration, students and universities. A co-operation forum between the educational institutions and industry, industry and administration related to forests and outfields. Ensure the quality of studies / education at all relevant educational institutions, by providing input based on society and industry needs.

Choose Forest is financed by members of the industry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Skogbrukets Landsforening and NHO Mat og Drikke, as well as funds from forestry's various project funds.

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recruitment Education reputation building
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4. Asigurarea unei forțe de muncă bine pregătite prin dezvoltarea unor competențe atractive și prin educație
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2008 -
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Tretorget Ltd
Ola Rostad
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