Cable road layout planner

Cable road layout planner Seilaplan

Seilaplan: Cable road layout planner
Seilaplan is a tool that supports the design of cable roads for timber harvesting. It works as a QGis-Plugin.
Wood extraction with cable yarder

Starting point of the calculation are terrain data (digital elevation model or field measurement data in CSV format), machine and cable road properties.
The program calculates the skyline tensile forces, the skyline sag, support saddle forces. By knowing the rope forces, critical constructions can be avoided. This increases the safety at work.

Seilaplan includes an optimization algorithm that proposes the height and location of the supports. The load path of the skyline together with the terrain profile are displayed graphically and a construction manual is generated. Coordinates and saddle height of the supports can be saved as CSV and KML data so that they are electronically available for further planning steps.

The planning of cable road layout goes much faster. The calculated routing takes advantage of the natural terrain shapes and helps to reduce overall harvesting costs in mountainous regions and steep terrain.

Anchorage, supports and rope height above ground
Région d'origine
Type de bois
Origine du bois
Potentiel de mobilisation
> 100'000 m³ for Switzerland
Type de bois concerné
stemwood and full trees
Impact sur l'environnement et la biodiversité

The cost reduction will allow new, poorly accessible areas to be developed and additional timber to be harvested.
This has a positive effect on the protective function of the forest in the mountains and it promotes adaptation to climate change.

Facilité d'implémentation
Very easy
Impact économique
Reduced installation cost, improved profitability
Effet sur l'emploi
Faster and saver skyline layout planing
Effet sur le revenu
Improved profitability of logging in steep terrain
Connaissances spécifiques requises
Knowledge of QGis is necessary
Coûts d'implémentation (Euro - €)
100.00 €
Potentiel d'exploitation

For forest owners and forest contractors

Prérequis clés

Terrain data must be available or collected along the planned line.

Domaine principal
Getsion forestière, sylviculture, services écosystémiques, résilience
cable road skyline QGis plugin mountain forest
Défi concerné
5. Accroître les performances économiques et environnementales de la chaîne logistique forestière
Type de solution
Conseil, outils de service pour les propriétaires forestiers
Solution digitale
Pays d'origine
Région d'origine
Echelle d'application
Début et fin d'année
2012 - 2021
Informations de contact
Propriétaire ou auteur
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest Research WSL
Leo Bont
BFH Berne University of Applied Sciences
Thuer Peter
References and Resources
Référence du projet
Bont, L. G., Moll, P. E., Ramstein, L., Frutig, F., Heinimann, H. R., & Schweier, J. (2022). SEILAPLAN, a QGIS plugin for cable road layout design. Croat J For Eng. Bont, L. G., Ramstein, L., Frutig, F., & Schweier, J. (2022). Tensile forces and deflections on skylines of cable yarders: comparison of measurements with close-to-catenary predictions. International Journal of Forest Engineering, 1-22.
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