The eMonte Operational Group, made up of the Madeira Cluster and the Design of Galicia (CMD), the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), E-Monte Forestry Solutions S.R.L. and Manuel Graña, was created in order to allow all the agents involved in the Galician forestry sector to carry out the tasks in a simpler way, from the application of ICT. The GO project works around www.eMonte.es, a new online portal that facilitates the purchase and sale of lots of wood between forest owners / communities of mountains and end companies.

This project started to work on August 2017 and since then, more than 150 wood batches have been purchased through its website. Besides, the success of this project (and the App) has allowed to create three more tools to help all the actors of the wood value chain: a web portal to sell forest properties, a tool to estimate the volume of wood of a forest and another tool to group small owners and helping them to sell their wood together

E-MONTE is the first Galician platform that facilitates the purchase / sale of stand trees. Its role is to unite forest owners and end companies. E-MONTE offers the owners a showcase in which to sell their wood. Once a batch has been published, the owner ensures good visibility, saves unnecessary travel and maximizes the results of the sale. With E-MONTE the paddling companies know all the available wood batches. Through the platform, they can access the characteristics of each batch before moving. Once they decide to enter a lot, they can do so without having to be accompanied by the owner through the E-MONTE APP. This allows them to save on personnel costs and travel expenses.

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Forest wood
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Very positive
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App available in google play and iOS

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2016 -
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