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Code Title Country Region City Scope
ED_CH_01 Dr. sc. ETH Zürich SwitzerlandZürichZurich City/Town
ED_CH_02 Dr. sc. ETH Zürich SwitzerlandZürichZurich City/Town
ED_CH_03 Dr. SwitzerlandBernBern City/Town
ED_CH_04 MSc in Enivronmental Sciences SwitzerlandZürichZurich City/Town
ED_CH_05 MSc in Environmental Engineering SwitzerlandZürichZurich City/Town
ED_CH_06 MSc in Environmental Sciences and Engineering SwitzerlandZürichZurich City/Town
ED_CH_07 MSc in Environmental Sciences SwitzerlandVaudLausanne City/Town
ED_CH_08 MScin Quantitative Environmental Sciences SwitzerlandZürichZurich City/Town
ED_CH_09 MSc in Geosciences SwitzerlandBasel-StadtBasel City/Town
ED_CH_10 MSc in Environmental Sciences SwitzerlandGenèveGeneva City/Town
ED_CH_11 Bsc in Environmental Sciences SwitzerlandZürichZurich City/Town
ED_CH_12 Bsc in Environmental Sciences SwitzerlandZürichZurich City/Town
ED_CH_13 BSc in Environmental Sciences and Engineering SwitzerlandVaudLausanne City/Town
ED_CH_14 BSc in Geosciences SwitzerlandBasel-StadtBasel City/Town
ED_CH_15 BSc in Earth and Environmental Sciences SwitzerlandGenèveGeneva City/Town
ED_CH_16 BSc in Geosciences and Environment SwitzerlandVaudLausanne City/Town
ED_CH_17 BSc in Forestry Sciences SwitzerlandBernBern City/Town
ED_CH_18 MSc in Life Sciences-Forestry Sciences SwitzerlandBernBern City/Town
ED_CH_19 BSc in Environmental Engineering SwitzerlandZürichZurich City/Town
ED_CH_20 MSc in Life Sciences-Environment and Natural Ressources SwitzerlandZürichZurich City/Town
ED_CH_21 Forester SwitzerlandGraubündenMaienfeld City/Town
ED_CH_22 Forest operator-group leader SwitzerlandGraubündenMaienfeld City/Town
ED_CH_23 Forest machine operator SwitzerlandGraubündenMaienfeld City/Town
ED_CH_24 Foreman for forest operator SwitzerlandGraubündenMaienfeld City/Town
ED_CH_25 Head of cable yarding operations SwitzerlandGraubündenMaienfeld City/Town
ED_CH_26 Forester SwitzerlandBernLyss City/Town
ED_CH_27 Forest operator-group leader SwitzerlandBernLyss City/Town
ED_CH_28 Ranger SwitzerlandBernLyss City/Town
ED_CH_29 Forest machine operator SwitzerlandBernLyss City/Town
ED_CR_01 University Baccalaureus of Forestry, engineer Croatia National
ED_CR_02 University Baccalaureus of Urban Forestry, Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection, engineer Croatia National
ED_CR_03 University Baccalaureus of Wood Technology Croatia National
ED_CR_04 Baccalaureus of Wood iTechnology Croatia National
ED_CR_05 Baccalaureus of Game Management and Nature Protection Croatia National
ED_CR_06 Baccalaureus of Wood Technology Croatia National
ED_CR_07 Master of Forestry – silviculture, management and game management Croatia National
ED_CR_08 Master of Forestry – technicks, technology and management in forestry Croatia National
ED_CR_09 Master of Urban Forestry, Nature Conservationa and Environment Protection Croatia National
ED_CR_10 Master of Wood Technology - Wood Technology Processes Croatia National
ED_CR_11 Master of Wood Technology - Design of Wood Products Croatia National
ED_CR_12 Univerity specialist Croatia National
ED_CR_13 Ecological landcape design, nature protection and horticulture Croatia National
ED_CR_14 Silviculture and forest establishment Croatia National
ED_CR_15 Forest technicks and technology Croatia National
ED_CR_16 Game management Croatia National
ED_CR_17 Improvement and protection of gene diversity of forest trees Croatia National
ED_CR_18 Forest roads Croatia National
ED_CR_19 Forest management Croatia National
ED_CR_20 Management and enterpreneurship in forestry Croatia National
ED_CR_21 Doctor in Biotechnical sciences, field of Forestry Croatia National